Who am I

My name is David van der Staak. IT-professional, deaf-blind guider, proficient in Dutch Sign Language and security fanatic.
I make sure you can work in comfort, without problems and other nuisances. From building a desk to your requirements, to installing a network, and from building a website for you to performing maintenance on large-scale outdoor networks.
Installing a new network is more complicated than just plug cables into holes and be online. Building a safe network requires setting up a network plan, installing the hardware and making sure only the right devices are allowed access. If you want to access the network remotely, safety becomes even more important because something simple as a single compromised user can negate any safety you have set on the network.


We make sure you can work in comfort.


Networks are our specialty. We make sure that each device works as it should, and that unwanted devices are useless on your network.


You'll never have to worry about bad reception ever again.


We'll make sure your website is always online.


Building a website or a program that does precisely what you need it to do.


Phone services, when you need them, where you need them.

What we do

We specialize in every aspect of network technology. From Coax to ethernet, from wifi to point to point.

Clean Desk

A desk, clean and simple. Just the necessities, so you can focus on what you need to do.


Good wifi at home, but bad at work? Wait no longer, we can fix that!

Work in peace

Your data is safe, while being accessible to only you from wherever you are.
VDS IT Support
David van der Staak
Utrechtseweg 323
3818 EK Amersfoort
  • Netwerk management
  • Wifi improvements
  • Remote workplace
VDS IT Support