SteelSeries Arctic Pro Wireless

Recently my old headset, a Logitech G933, broke down. The left earpiece was no longer giving sound as it should and so it was time to find myself a new headset.


There are some requirements for the new headphones.

  • – Wireless
  • – Preferred bluetooth option, for my phone
  • – Over ear


A choice was readily made. The SteelSeries Arctic Pro Wireless has multiple input options, does bluetooth with only the headset, and as a bonus feature has removable batteries.

The ease of the removable battery is impressive. Using the headset all day long without having to resort to charging by wire, or when I forget to charge the headset (which was an issue, with the old Logitech G933), I can just grab a new battery and continue using it.

The sound quality, which arguably is the most important point. The sound quality using USB is great! A nice bass, crystal clear sound, and a built-in microphone that is able to be retracted in the headset itself, gives great sound quality.

Using Optical improves the sound quality even more. Although it may be that it’s personal opinion, I feel that this is a nice bonus. The USB is still required for power, but that’s a separate power input.

The software, that you have to download from the SteelSeries website, gives you some more options. You can use an equalizer, change the brightness of the muted mic light, or the amount of feedback on the mic. The interface is clean and simple, with no additional bells and whistles.

I can readily recommend these headphones, even if they are a bit pricey.

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