[WP] “Used to be tons of em in the night sky, darlin’. I wish you coulda seen em.”

“The sky used to be filled with bright lights, streakin’ in the night sky. “

It all used to be so beautiful. We would lie in the fields, and once a year the sky would be filled with these beautiful lights. They seemed to grow more intense each year, until one of them actually struck the ground.

Nobody believed the outsiders that told us we were in danger. We didn’t believe them when they said we would perish and die. But a few of us did believe them, and we followed them into the tunnels.

It wasn’t long until the loud explosions started going off. They said it was large blocks of stone or rock, or something like that. We hid for the whole weekend, until we heard no more explosions. It felt like it was ages, but it was only 2 days. And then we had to excavate the entrance again.

It took us at least another 2 days, but we were able to sleep. No more explosions meant some rest was possible. The earth didn’t shake anymore.

At the start of the third day, we were able to break our way through the rock that had barred the entrance. The devastation was severe, no houses left standing, the fields torn to shreds. Some trees still stood tall, God knows how they survived.

We are thankful to the outsiders for inviting us into their caves, we haven’t seen them since. Hopefully we can repay them in due time …

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