[WP] “Used to be tons of em in the night sky, darlin’. I wish you coulda seen em.”

“The sky used to be filled with bright lights, streakin’ in the night sky. “

It all used to be so beautiful. We would lie in the fields, and once a year the sky would be filled with these beautiful lights. They seemed to grow more intense each year, until one of them actually struck the ground.

Nobody believed the outsiders that told us we were in danger. We didn’t believe them when they said we would perish and die. But a few of us did believe them, and we followed them into the tunnels.

It wasn’t long until the loud explosions started going off. They said it was large blocks of stone or rock, or something like that. We hid for the whole weekend, until we heard no more explosions. It felt like it was ages, but it was only 2 days. And then we had to excavate the entrance again.

It took us at least another 2 days, but we were able to sleep. No more explosions meant some rest was possible. The earth didn’t shake anymore.

At the start of the third day, we were able to break our way through the rock that had barred the entrance. The devastation was severe, no houses left standing, the fields torn to shreds. Some trees still stood tall, God knows how they survived.

We are thankful to the outsiders for inviting us into their caves, we haven’t seen them since. Hopefully we can repay them in due time …

Sharing text

Pastebin – Sending text

Sometimes it’s just the text you want to send to the other person. The easiest website to use for this, is https://pastebin.com

Simply paste your text, click send, and share your URL to the other person. Keep in mind that your text will be readable by anyone with the link! It’s not useful then to share sensitive data, however you shouldn’t use these services for that in either case.


Collabedit is a shared text editor at http://collabedit.com/ . It supports basic highlighting, and the best part is that you can share the URL to someone else so they can then also see what’s being typed. The updates happen in real time, the only thing that’s not shown and what would be an improvement, is the cursor and highlighting.

Google Drive

Google drive comes with every @Gmail adress, and has a set amount of free storage. This storage can be used for a variety of things, such as spreadsheets, document editing, and storing of files. The easy part is that all this is done online, in your browser. That means that no matter where you log in, you can see and edit your files. The downside, you need to have an active internet connection for this.


You can create new files in Google Drive using the large New button. Select the type of file you wish to create, and a new Untitled document will be created.

New Button


By simply double clicking on a file in Google Drive, you can open the file. Right clicking on a file will open the context menu, showing you the different options that you can perform on a file. These actions are for example deleting a file, or sharing it with others.


Sharing a file requires very little effort. In your Drive, right click the file and select the share option. Enter the email address of the other person, and they will receive a link to your file. You can even get a shareable link, to send to others. This is for example useful if the other person does not have a google account.


For those of you who are familiar with Stargate, I love making references to them. One of those things, is the lost city of Atlantis. A city so large, it can house hundreds if not thousands of people, meanwhile also still holding secrets for many stories to be told.

For me, that city is Baycuroy. At this moment, it’s still a relic, an ancient buried city, to which only a tiny part has been uncovered. But there are stories to be told, secrets to be unfolded.

In the latest of the installments, I used the maps on World Anvil to show what can be done with them. I made invisible markers on specific locations, much like Mist. Then by clicking on those markers, you transition from one place to the next. We go from the dug tunnel to the wall of the city, and from there into a bath place. After that there is another tunnel that has a button on the side, and that’s where our little adventure ends.

There are a great many possibilities with this! I’m hoping to, in due time, be able to showcase more of these little adventures. Perhaps that a portal like item will make an appearance?


So one of the canteens I have, is a kleankanteen. A practical, reused stainless steel, kanteen with a sprout for drinking.

I love it! The size is a nice size to hold in your hand, there is enough to drink in there to last at least half a day at my job, and it’s easy to clean and easy to refill.

Highly recommended!

SteelSeries Arctic Pro Wireless

Recently my old headset, a Logitech G933, broke down. The left earpiece was no longer giving sound as it should and so it was time to find myself a new headset.


There are some requirements for the new headphones.

  • – Wireless
  • – Preferred bluetooth option, for my phone
  • – Over ear


A choice was readily made. The SteelSeries Arctic Pro Wireless has multiple input options, does bluetooth with only the headset, and as a bonus feature has removable batteries.

The ease of the removable battery is impressive. Using the headset all day long without having to resort to charging by wire, or when I forget to charge the headset (which was an issue, with the old Logitech G933), I can just grab a new battery and continue using it.

The sound quality, which arguably is the most important point. The sound quality using USB is great! A nice bass, crystal clear sound, and a built-in microphone that is able to be retracted in the headset itself, gives great sound quality.

Using Optical improves the sound quality even more. Although it may be that it’s personal opinion, I feel that this is a nice bonus. The USB is still required for power, but that’s a separate power input.

The software, that you have to download from the SteelSeries website, gives you some more options. You can use an equalizer, change the brightness of the muted mic light, or the amount of feedback on the mic. The interface is clean and simple, with no additional bells and whistles.

I can readily recommend these headphones, even if they are a bit pricey.

Ms. Fox

Sometimes you have these ideas of a specific character in mind for your DnD campaign. And then you really want to either have someone play them, or play them yourself.

For me, one of these characters is Ms. Fox. She’s a gnome, with a very specific and uncanny ability to read text. Not by reading it directly, but by understanding the meaning of what’s written. That is, so long as there is is an actual meaning behind the words.

That, and she’s trained by an organization of assassins. Who knows what secrets they have, what secrets she might uncover.

V-tac VT-3508 powerbank

Een grote powerbank met draadloze oplaadfunctie en een inbouwde oplaadkabel voor micro-usb.


  • 20.000 mah op 3.7V opslag
  • 12.600 mah bruikbaar
  • 2 usb poorten en draadloze lader
  • ingebouwde micro usb kabel
  • usb-c en micro usb ingang

In gebruik

De powerbank is erg makkelijk in gebruik. De S10+ die ik nu gebruik, kan ook met hoes zonder problemen geladen worden. Wel moet dan even op de knop gedrukt worden aan de zijkant, zodat hij aan gaat.

Het lijkt erop dat het draadloos laden aangezet wordt met korte pulsen. Zolang er geen telefoon of ander apparaat gedetecteerd wordt, dan gaat de lader zelf niet aan. Het symbool op het schermpje geeft dan ook geen laad icoontje aan. Door de telefoon (of ander apparaat) op de powerbank te leggen, gaat deze na een aantal seconden beginnen met laden.


De powerbank is fysiek een vrij grote en stevige powerbank. Hij voelt stevig aan, geen van de kanten kan ingedrukt worden. De ingebouwde kabel is vrij kort, maar die kabel zal ook minder gebruikt worden. Het is namelijk een micro-usb kabel, en tegenwoordig zijn vrijwel alle nieuwere apparaten een usb-c.


Zoek je een grote powerbank waarbij een wat groter gewicht niet perse een bezwaar is, dan is deze powerbank een aanrader.